MERN Stack tutorial


You start to hear about it more and more, it’s the new MEAN stack to make an isomorphic web app. I’m diving into the topic. I’m a NodeJS beginner and I’m going to use MERN stack for the 1st time. I will be using the boilerplate from for that. If you are interested by a tutorial about how I’m getting on with it, leave me a comment 🙂

Set up HTTPS in 60 seconds


It’s always been hell when I had to set up SSL certificates for my websites. I never know where to get them, I always spend an hour looking up how we do it and struggle. This is over 😌. I’m gonna show you how you can set up your SSL certificates in 60 secondes. I know you are a busy person but if you have 10 more seconds, I will show you how to renew your certificates automatically.

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Simple Deployment with NodeJS


I started to learn NodeJS and Express few weeks ago and it’s awesome. Coming straight from the Ruby on Rails, I’ve been looking for a replacement to the well-known Capistrano. I found many but one of them was particularly simple. In this article, I will show you how I deployed my app to production in less than 10 minutes with no struggle.

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3 Must-Have apps for Web Developers

[Non-mac users, please skip this article, Sorry!] 

Those past few weeks I discovered some awesome tools which changed my life of web developer. They all highly increased my productivity and must be considered as Must-have for all web developers. Here is a short presentation of each of them. 

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Improve your Productivity: Tools and Tricks

I just realised that it’s been a year that I didn’t write article on the blog. So, for my coming back I thought about an article about productivity. We will see some simple tricks to make you save a lot of time, many tasks can be automatised or simplified. Be ready to change some of your old inefficient habits.

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Using Jenkins for a Symfony2 project

Continuous integration offers many advantages like tasks automation, the ability to deliver a stable version of your application regularly. You are developing Syfmony2 projects and you would like to try Continuous integration but you don’t know where to start ? Follow me !
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How to block Youtube Ads

When you are watching Youtube’s videos several time a day , you will notice quickly that it is quite annoying.

EDIT: It looks like the trick doesn’t work on Chrome anymore but it’s still working if you use Canary  (development version of Chrome)

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[Symfony2] DoctrineExtentions : Translatable

Translatable allows to translate easily the content in your database. We going to use this Doctrine Extensions with the bundle which has been created for that : StofDoctrineExtensionsBundle, for this article I used Symfony2.1. We will see a basic case of Blog’s article translation. Continue reading